DIY Plate Wall

For a long time I needed something to spice up this blank wall in my dining room. The artwork on it was atrocious and it was just dreadfully boring. 

My treasured horsehead(the first gift my husband-then-boyfriend ever gave me) was looking so forlorn and alone! Color and accessories were desperately needed!

I had seen on DesignSponge a darling plate wall that didn’t really follow a pattern and just kind of looked like a wave of plates going across the wall. In love.

For about 6 months I painstakingly collected plates from everywhere I went…thrift stores, estate sales, HomeGoods, etc… until I collected a reasonable amount. One dreary day last spring I enlisted my husband to make my dream become a reality.

I started with placing all off the plates I had collected on the floor and arranged them in a shape I thought most looked like a free form wave the way the Design Sponge image looked.

(The red cardboard squares are the plate hangers I had bought in a variety of sizes)

Then we got to hanging. But here’s the thing.  A sane, rational person would have then traced the plates on to paper, hung the paper on the wall, and then placed the plates in those spots. I am not that person. I tend to work without a plan and a need to get a project done AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. You can imagine the strife this has caused between me and the Mr.  Speaking of him, look at what a trooper he was hanging all the plates for me, while I instructed “A little down…no a little to the left…no that’s too far left.” I’m a peach to live with!

Quickly the “free form wave pattern” I had envisioned vanished and we actually ended up doing two pretty symmetrical sides on either half of the wall.

But then of course there was a gaping hole in the middle that needed to be filled(That’ s what she said*) so a few months later (and a few redesigns to the chairs and the buffet) we had completed wall after I found a cool piece to anchor the wall

Voila! Our completed DIY plate wall! Don’t mind the holiday decorations, it doesn’t usually look that cluttered, but I had a bar set up for a dinner party. And that is another post all in itself!

*If references from The Office offend you, please read elsewhere:)

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One thought on “DIY Plate Wall

  1. Hello! I have the same picture that appears in the first picture of the cherubim, you know who s the original painter of the fresco? I would greatly appreciate it!


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