Palm Springs Shopping

Last week I flew down to Palm Springs to work with a client on her kitchen. If you are also stuck somewhere cold and dreary my prescription is a jaunt to somewhere with palm trees. It will completely change your attitude and quiet your internal dialogue on the pros and cons of antidepressants. My husband literally shoved me on the plane, I think knowing his wife would come back sane again, and not the dry skinned, hairy legged zombie I transformed into about a week after New Years. I’ll have a few posts from our trip about the actual decisions made for the kitchen but first I wanted to share with you this amazing consignment store we stopped in. The store is Desert Furniture and Consignment


it was…amazing.

When we walked in we were greeted by this.


In the words of Ice Cube, I knew today was going to be a good day.

What was so unique about the store was the range of styles they carried. Modern. Traditional. Desert. Hollywood Regency. Tuscany Real Housewives(you know what I’m talking about).

After I quickly calculated I couldn’t fit the above cowhide bench in my carry-on, we soldiered on and found many other pieces I would SNATCH UP if I lived anywhere near the Inland Empire. Yes, that is the term used to describe Palm Springs and the surrounding area. Quite an imposing name for an area mainly made up of people cruising around in golf carts and fabulously tanned gay men.

This 8 piece set of lucite chairs with a different fabric would be a fantastic modern touch in an otherwise traditional home.

This petite lucite coffee table was divine.

This Asian hutch had me at hello. What a fantastic piece to incorporate if you want a touch of Oriental but don’t want to commit to the style for the whole room.

Same goes for these lamps. Ignore the godforsaken tablecloth.

This little tray is delightful. Would look great in a guest bedroom with a carafe and other accoutrements for out of town visitors.

These sconces were too funky to not include. The weird thing about Palm Springs design, especially if it was done in the 80’s and early 90’s is that it trended very Floridian. It’s like people thought the climate was so similar, why not the design? I consistently see bamboo, rattan, and beach finishes and fixtures in all of the consignment shops and in homes for sale. Like these birds. Toucans and parrots are definitely not in the desert. Admittedly, if I had a home in Florida, these would be debated on for a lanai.

The store also had quite a selection of modern furnishings

These are something Kelly Wearstler would totally love. At $8k for the pair, they are also something only she could afford.

Remember what I said about Tuscan Real Housewives? Here you go. This painting was MASSIVE. 8X8 at least.

This Restoration Hardware style console was unexpected.

Another console. More bamboo and rattan.

This green vase was just too cute to not include. The little frogs are so darling!

Hope you enjoyed this little visit! Tomorrow I’ll take you to the most beautiful merchandised store I’ve ever been in.

In the words of Ms. Zoe, I DIED.

– Gigi

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