The Store That Took My Breath Away

The region of Palm Springs is more than just the town of Palm Springs. It’s really a cluster of towns, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Indio, and Coachella. In the town of Palm Desert, The Shops on El Paseo is the Rodeo Drive of the area.

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The street has quite the selection of high end and mid tier shopping. Banana Republic, Talbots, and Anne Taylor are tucked in between Saks, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci. It’s great shopping for any price point.

The shop of the day hands down was Between the Sheets.

This was to the left when you walked in the door. I want this entire living room wrapped up and transported to Walla Walla. Yesterday preferably. Before we go on though I do need to mention that the prices in this store were insane. I definitely think that the merchandise is worth the price and it is not marked up for marking up sake, but this is literally a store for people that don’t fly commercial. I picked up a lotion dispenser and it was $250. And no, it was not made out of unicorn. I just feel the need to add this caveat before you start the drooling.

Alright this room… from the driftwood floor lamp, to the chandelier, to the armoire. It was borderline orgasmic. Check out the lamp in the back with the pecs. Ooo la la.

This bedroom set was to the right when you walked in.

Orange, coral, sherbert, saffron whatever you want to call it, it is DEFINITELY the color spectrum of the year. How fabulous is that tufted persimmon ottoman? I love the scale of the lamps. Don’t be afraid to do large scale mirrors, lamps, or artwork around your bed frame. It will make the room look larger and your bed more substantial. I’m pretty sure the bed in the pic is just a queen. The crocodile side table makes me cry with envy. How long before Z Gallerie has a knock off? Not soon enough!

This was their “Welcome to Spring” tablescape. Are cabbage/green leafed plates back in style? I feel like they were big in the mid 90’s, and then have had an extended stay in the aisles of your local TJ Maxx. Everything old is new again. At least that’s what my neon yellow skinny jeans just told me.

Obsessed with the wood candlesticks. Talk about an accessory that could go in any home. Don’t be afraid of natural wood! I know it’s starting to look like white painted wood is actually just growing wild now, but I promise its not. Don’t be afraid to put a piece in your home that ISN’T painted. West Elm won’t know. Pinkie swear.

If my husband didn’t watch the bank account like a hawk, these would have made it back with me. Having to explain to him a $300 charge for rhinestone shell napkin rings though is a newlywed quarrel I’d like to skip.

Speaking of husband, look at this waiting area for the men in your life to wait while you shop. It’s incredible! What a smart idea with the flat screen laid into the checkout counter. Note the horn lamp above it. Amazing. Having the TV on the Golf Channel, amazing again. I could totes get Mr. Hicks to hang out here for at least an hour. Or until I started actually purchasing things. I swear the man has a GPS on my American Express.

Don’t be thrown off by the ugly drop ceiling. This chandelier was incredible. It’s been haunting my dreams. I love that they used it in a bedroom tableau. Like I said before, don’t be afraid of large scale items in the bedroom!

Here’s another shot of the bed. I had to show you the white ginger jars at the bottom.

I didn’t even notice them until I was looking back at the photos! How did I miss them???? White AND Chinoiserie??? Where have you been all my life?? When I go back down in June, I am making a beeline to see if they still have them. Am I the only person that believes in shopping kismet? I could totally just call the store and buy them*… but if I wait and they are still there in 3 months than I’m meant to have them, right? (Apparently, God has spoken to me in the furniture section of Homegoods many a time.)

*Who are we kidding? We know they are probably a grand a piece:)

I’ll close this post with the main reason Between the Sheets exists…bedding.

The selection is insane. The breadth of their assortment is unparalleled in any fine retail store I’ve ever seen. If you really want to treat yourself, forget Horchow or Leontine, this is the place to find high quality linens. Their website has an incredibly detailed description of their linen standards

If you live in Southern California, Between the Sheets has four locations, including San Diego and L.A. When I go back to Palm Springs in June I’ll be making another visit and promise to have many more photos of their drool-worthy selections:)

Tomorrow, a granite and tile shopping post.. if you are thinking about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom you can’t miss it!

– Gigi

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