Au Naturel Nut Job.

I’m kind of nutty. And obsessive. And prone to weird fits of anxiety. My husband calls me kooky. Which I guess I’ll take as a term of endearment? Since moving across the country to a place I’ve never been and with no one to hang out with during the day besides my dog, my kookiness has only increased. I think he’s onto something with that word. That makes me sound like a Zooey Deschanel type with fun glasses instead of Mia Farrow with a bad haircut circa Rosemary’s Baby.

One thing I’ve been especially focused on since the move is making sure to use healthy beauty and cleaning products in my home and on my body. Our home is brand new and with new construction the materials used are not so friendly. I was relieved to find out that all of our paint is low VOC and our cabinets were made with green materials, but our carpet(eww..I know..we rent.) is cheap builders grade and the framing and insulation is as well. To make myself feel better about breathing in potential harmful fumes day after day I started looking at all of the products around us that we use daily and trying to find the greenest and lowest chemical alternatives. It will probably make no difference since my mother recently informed me the granite countertops we installed in our last home released major levels of radon ensuring our future children will be born with three eyes, but they’re not going to be conceived anyway because the computer I place on my lap every day has fried all of my remaining eggs and P.S. you’ve probably got dust mites crawling all over you because you don’t swap out your pillows every 6 months so Beau will surely leave you when he spots them crawling all over your scalp and then you’ll be a childless spinster.

Thanks mom.

In an effort to not become more Liz Lemon than I already am, here are some products I use in our home daily that make me sleep better at night.

When I’m not scratching at invisible mites.

So aluminum may or may not cause breast cancer. Studies are inconclusive, but let’s just always err on the side of no breast cancer if we can help it and if there are products that are as good as their chemical containing counterparts. Let me be clear here though, THIS is the only natural deodorant I’ve found that works. I’ve tried many others, Crystal Rock, Tom’s etc… I swear to God they make you smell even worse as if you  hadn’t used anything at all. This works magically. It rolls on like an antiperspirant and leaves absolutely no white marks. Plus no one changes treadmills away from me while I do intervals, so it must be working.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is EVERYWHERE. And in things I’d never imagine, like toothpaste. Something you put in your mouth twice a day! No thank you. This is another chemical that studies have all different answers on. Some say it’s fine and plant derived (7th Gen.’s stance) others say it leaches estrogen and causes lady cancers. I looked at Tom’s but guess what? They even use it as an ingredient. But not my lovely Kiss My Face. Gosh I love that company. This toothpaste tastes great, is a gel so it doesn’t stain your sink or clothes, and doesn’t contain those nasty chemicals.

Alright lets move on to the body. I am in LOVE with my Clarisonic but fell even harder when I learned their cleansers contain no parabens. I use it daily in the shower, it has made my skin silky smooth, and I no longer break out during hormonal fluctuations. Put it on your Christmas list.

If you’re looking for a full line to use so you don’t have to go all over town or the internet to find things, I can’t recommend Say Yes to Carrots enough. I use their shampoo, conditioner, day lotion and SPF body lotion daily. Another great paraben free line that smells nice and won’t break the bank.

Chemical free makeup is something I didn’t start to think about until recently. I happily used my Chanel powder and mascara happily. But then I started thinking about if household products and body cleansers contain them, makeup must as well. Yep, yep they totally do. So I’m gradually switching over to Origins. Basically when one of my makeup products runs out now I buy the Origins alternative. My latest find is their Automagically Eye Liner. Works just as well as my Chanel Stylo Yeaux and HALF the price.  Done and done.


Lipstick is something I don’t want to risk buying online, but Walla Walla is severely limited when it comes to makeup alternatives. Honestly though, I haven’t really worried about it since I found Burts Bees Lip Shimmer at Walgreens. It does the job and and when I pair it with Say Yes lip balm and gloss it looks just as good as my old Nars stuff and once again HALF the price.


Whenever I would buy shaving cream growing up, my mama would yell  “You do NOT want those chemicals in sensitive places.” I should have listened to her. Shave cream is LOADED with toxic stuff. Throw it out today. I now only use  Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Wash. It works just as well, much better for you, and it smells lovely.


On the topic of shaving, use these please. I too was enticed by the Venus Breeze cartridges with their handy creme bars attached to the razor. Once again, FILLED with chemicals. Go back to basics with just a plain razor like the original Venus. (Side note: When on God’s green earth will Target make an Up&Up alternative to Venus razors? Those things are pricy!)


You didn’t think Beau was immune to my green obsession did you? No way. All of his products I make sure are Burts Bees for Men.


The mask is a little pricy but worth it if you have noticeable pores. Combined with the Clarisonic, my skin has seriously never looked better.



I make Beau use this too:) It’s so cute. I also put cucumber slices on his eyes and we giggle over romantic comedies while playing Truth or Dare. Marriage is fantastic.


Finishing up the bath and body category I have to include the most natural product of all. Plain old glycerin soap.  Get rid of the white bars and especially toss the shower gels. Those are HORRIBLE for you and your hoo-ha. When in doubt go the most natural way possible. Besides making your own with animal fat and lye (umm… I leave that to the original settlers.) This is the next best thing, and you don’t have to bust out a bonnet and hoop skirt to churn it.



I used to be an addict for Soft Scrub. Poured it over my stainless steel sink and rubbed my hands all in it. Gross. I recently found this little gem. It smells fabulous and is super natural.


I thought I was so cool. Dropping $9 a bottle on Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. So what if I went through it weekly? It was super healthy and not covering all of our clothes in harmful chemicals. Yep not so much. While perusing the ingredients I was surprised to see it contains SLS. Once again I’m voting for the product that doesn’t include it just to be on the safe side. This stuff is magical. CHEAP. Buy it on auto ship on Amazon. You only have to use 1tbs a load although I’ve been known to sneak in another when I feel like the clothes are especially dirty.

The most pesky thing to find with little to now chemicals are dryers sheets. Your typical variety is extremely toxic and made from animal fat. Seriously. And they can poison your pets.  If a product can kill fluffy, It’s probably best to avoid it as well. Except for chocolate because then I will lose the will to live.  These squeaky green dryer cloths from Method are the only ones I’ve found that I feel like are the real deal. they’re water based so it’s like putting a a wet wipe in with your clothes, but I promise they work.


Ammonia is no joke and it’s in a ton of household cleaning agents.It may be a naturally occurring chemical, but so is arsenic. Use this instead of Windex, pretty please?


As long as we’re on the topic of cleaning products, lets talk dishes. These are the holy trifecta of my dishwashing routine. Dish soap, dish detergent, and rinse aid.


While I hesitate to use 7th generation for laundry soap because of the SLS, these two products don’t contain it and the Mrs. Myers Lavender  just smells lovely:)

Speaking of dishes, you need to throw out all of your rubbermaid, tupperware, etc… Do it now. I’ll wait. You’re going to click on this link and replace them all with glass.

My grandmother was a college chemistry professor. 40 years ago she warned my mom and her siblings about the dangers of cooking in plastic. Within the last 10 years people are finally coming around to realize the same thing. We only use glass in our home. They’re easier to clean(no red stains after marinara sauce) they don’t warp in the dishwasher and you can’t get more natural than glass. Yes I know all about the BPA debate, but why not just never have to worry about it all? When you use glass there is no worry about leaching. Sand and fire make glass. Can’t get more natural than that. Excuse me now while I head to the shore of Alabama with Josh Lucas to hang out on the beach in the middle of a thunderstorm.


Ignore my blonde hair and toned upper arms.

Actually I dumped him for Ryan. I really have a thing for making out in torrential downpours.

Hey girl.


Whew. I gotta cool down. With my fancy pants stainless steel ice cube tray!  Hands up for people with ice makers in their freezers that don’t work because no water line was run! Love you landlord. Plastic ice cube trays are yucky. Use these.


Also use this is you’re addicted to Iced Tea. Pouring hot water into plastic containers is a no go. Mine came with a pretty lime green lid.




Let’s wrap up with another beverage I’m an addict for. Protein Shakes! It’s super hard to find shake mixes that don’t contain soy. Sun Warrior is the most natural I could find. It can a be a little chalky if not properly blended, but add a dash of malt powder and cocoa powder and it tastes EXACTLY like a chocolate malt. Another tip: use frozen almond milk ice cubes. LIFE changing.




What green substitutes do you make? Did I miss anything? I’m still trying to justify the cost to switch over to recycled paper towels and toilet paper from my usual bulk buys. Costco is a tricky temptress!







Recipes you have to try

Last week the half a bag of coconut and two half used bags of butterscotch and chocolate chips were calling my name from the pantry. Seriously. I was trying to write a blog post and they would not shut up. They needed to be consumed. They were lonely in there with all the boring flax seeds and garbanzo beans. I had to oblige them.

When I googled butterscotch, chocolate and coconut these came up. The oven was set to 350 in less than 5 seconds.

I am such a sucker for a gooey bar. Way better than a cookie or cake. Bars are the way to go. They keep longer, you can decide the portion and they are harder to screw up baking wise. The recipe is here. I changed a few things though:

I subbed all of the butter for applesauce. (Fine if you don’t mind an apple taste, but if not, just sub half of the butter or not at all if you can wear a bikini with pride.)

I used flax eggs instead of real. I usually always do this in baked goods now. It’s just one T. flax meal to 3T. almond milk or water. I started doing this so Beau could eat raw cookie dough to his hearts content, but now it’s just became habit.

I subbed a cup of the flour with whole wheat. I have no idea if its any healthier but it makes me feel like it is. I also feel like its healthier to consume dessert standing over the counter in a dark kitchen around midnight with my only light coming from under the microwave. My thighs say differently.

I think I’ve gotten us onto a slippery slope. Let’s just keep going with the health theme here.

Mint Oreo Cupcakes. Don’t be fooled by the lone Oreo on top. There is also one BAKED IN THE BOTTOM. Like I said, healthy.  To be honest, the two Oreo’s are kind of overkill but just go with it. I made these for the winery employees. You wouldn’t have to do mint. You could run with any flavor Oreo you find and adjust your frosting accordingly. I didn’t really substitute anything expect for making the cake from scratch instead of the box. Too many preservatives in those things. Wow, I just totally judged you using cake mix from a box while also telling you to put two Oreo’s in one cupcake. The irony. It’s killing me softly. Use whatever you want. Just promise me, you will eat some kale while you make these. You need to be able to fit through your front door without the jaws of life. Remember this when you reach for seconds.

When you have delusions that you are a chef(that would be me) but your repertoire consists of Beouf Bourginon, gooey bars, and a bad-ass vinaigrette dressing sometimes you ask yourself in a Nathan Lane singsong voice “Is that all there is?

If I think I’m some great chef maybe I should be able to make something other than Italian? Maybe something daring like Asian or Indian? I already make a mean fry-bread taco, so obviously I’ve got Mexican covered. In my Asian recipe searching I went back to Ole Faithful, The Pioneer Woman.


Oh, a rancher from Oklahoma wasn’t your first choice for Asian cuisine??? Yes me neither, but my Nobu Cookbook was stuck in customs and I had green onions spoiling. Her Sesame Noodles were beckoning me. I’m not going to lie though…I have some issues with this recipe.

First, that she uses spaghetti noodles. I’m sorry but my brain can’t compute using what I think of as Italian ingredients in Asian.  I just can’t. I stick things into compartmentalized boxes and that is where they stay. I could write a whole post about why Rory Gilmore does not belong on Mad Men, but then I’ll be up all evening. Just know that I see things very black and white. Gray is not in my color wheel. Unless it’s on walls, then it’s dreamy.  I had to sub Spelt pasta. I needed the dark color and texture. To each his own, but I think the rougher texture of the noodles make the sauce cling better.

Second, I subbed brown raw sugar for white sugar. I have no idea really why, but I generally prefer using brown sugar in cooking. I delude myself into thinking it deepens the flavors of the dish. Whatevs, you could probably add Sweet N’ Low and I’d ask for seconds.

Third and lastly, Sesame Seeds! What are cold sesame noodles without sesame seeds??? Admittedly I’m a sesame seed addict. I buy them in bulk and have been known to bring them in my purse when dining out. Since most of you that read this blog know me, my weirdness shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. (Hi mom.) I have now made these like 5 times in the last month. You should do the same.

Let’s continue this journey on the Orient Express. I’ve been a strict vegetarian for 7 years. No chicken broth,  no jello, no marshmallows. Nothing. I also don’t eat eggs or drink milk so I was far down the road to militant Veganism. Until I read The End of Illness. In short,  Omega 3 supplements are BS and the only real way to get them is from Fish or flax but even flax is a little suspect. Of course Salmon is like the hot popular blond hippie in the fish kingdom so I started there.

(This photo is awful. I apologize.)

I’m not the biggest fish fan so starting out I need recipes that drown the taste out enough for me to be able to imagine it’s tofu. With scales and bones.  This recipe does just that. It’s awesome and Asian and easy. That sentence sounds like a video I found on my ex’s computer.

I really didn’t tweak this recipe except to add WAY more brown sugar.  I feel like I can’t have a recipe without sugar in this post. I like octupled the sugar. I added 1/4 C. instead of the measly 1 1/2 teaspoon the recipe calls for. Don’t judge me. It makes it better. Trust. I also subbed olive oil for the peanut oil because I’m lazy and didn’t  feel like spending 8 dollars on organic peanut oil. Add a teaspoon of peanut butter to the marinade and it will taste the same.  My last tip for the recipe is to not use all of it for the marinade. Save some for serving and drizzle it on top. Magical. Almost doesn’t taste like fish. Almost.

I promise I  don’t only make recipes with sugar. Here’s a delightful pot pie I made two weeks ago.

Mushroom Potpie

(Totally did not look this and that fork is ugly)

What’s that you say? Puff Pastry contains sugar? You can leave my blog right now and go click back over to This recipe may or may not contain a form of what may or may not be sugar. I at least didn’t add any more.

In summation, this recipe is delicious and I didn’t change a thing! Except for one of course. It has you make it in an 8 in square baking dish. Wha-wha-what??? No, no, no. Pot pie is served in individual ramekins. There is no square pot pie. You DO NOT CUT pot pie into squares and serve. While I admire the food styling in the photo above,  the pot pie is rapidly oozing away from the crust  and will devour that lettuce in a matter of seconds. I don’t like warm runny salads and I assume you don’t either. Make it the way it’s supposed to be. In bowls. Individually. So with every spoonful you get a piece of crust. What is wrong with you Real Simple? Do you not even know your own name????

Let’s leave on a high note.  And by high I mean what your cholesterol will be after eating this. Or what you should eat if you have a case of the munchies.

martha's creamy mac

Oh hi there Martha. I usually think your recipes are a hot mess and wonder if the test cooks in your kitchens are actually high, because they never ever turn out correctly. But with this one you proved me wrong. The photo and recipe I’m linking to are from Smitten Kitchen because I like her photos more, and Deb needs more clicks than silly old Martha but the recipe is the exact same. Here’s the thing….The croutons are what makes this dish. MAKES. THIS. DISH. The base is everything you want in Mac and Cheese. Elbow noodles? Check. Although cavatappi would make a perfectly fine choice if you were trying to impress fancy people. Cheddar cheese? Check. Butter, milk, blah blah blah. Your traditional components are all here. The roux is a solid foundation that stops it from becoming a liquid style mac and cheese. Boston Market, I’m looking at you. Whatever, the base is fine. It’s better than fine even, it’s good. What makes this dish excellent though, is something as simple as TOSSING MELTED BUTTER WITCH CUT UP WHITE BREAD and baking them on top.  Oh. My. God or .Gawd depending on your proximity to Long Island. This dish becomes transcendental with the addition of  adding what are basically croutons. Because they’re soft. And Buttery. And crunchy. And the perfect complement to the strong tasting cheese beneath. It’s other worldly. The first time I made it I added a touch of blue cheese to the crust. Ridonkulous good. I know it’s summer now and comfort food has been put on the back burner but sometime in mid-August when you’re sick of tomatoes and cucumbers(that day will come, promise) and it’s raining and you’re starting to long for fall, pull this recipe out and make it.  I swear to you it’s worth heating up that oven.

State Love

I’ve been a little misty about my home state of Minnesota lately.  I feel like Minnesotans have more pride for their state than most. Probably because you have to have a team spirit to get through the winter. There are no 6 degrees of separation in Minnesota, it’s  like 1 or 2. The most common question you’ll get when meeting new people is “Where did you go to High School?” Everyone from Minnesota can be connected through their high school. I was missing my friends, lilac bushes, and Chipotle this weekend and started looking for Minnesota art on Etsy to add to our home and found a plethora(I heart that word) of state related art. The besties:

Vintage Texas State License Plate Art, Mounted on Barn Board, Upcycled License Plate Art

License plate art from AutoMatticArt


Bamboo necklace from truche

Carolina in my mind poster from birdAve

Love Oregon from thewheatfield

Wisconsin Earrings from purpleandlime

Customized College print from bandaprints

City Skyline Art from birdAve

Home Is Where the Heart Is from LilyGene

Custom Map and Stamp from LilyGene

12"x12" Customizable State Burlap/Felt Decorative Pillow

Customizable burlap pillow from localhoneyshop

I love you from here… from HopSkipJumpPaper

Typography Map from CApow

Michigan from thewheatfield

God Blessed the Broken Road State Art- Customized just for you :)

God Bless the Broken Road from CoCoStineDesigns

DIY PRINTABLE Custom State Art Print 8x10 - State Love

State Love from YellowBrickGraphics

Which ones did you love? Any other state art I missed?

Engagement Photo Ideas

Like yesterdays Wedding Photo post, here are some of my favorite engagement images.  Most of these are either from Jose Villa or Elizabeth Messina with a little Tec Pataja sprinkled in.

Jose Villa

Have fun with them. They don’t always have to be romantic. I’m obsessed with this image and kick myself for not doing something like this for my engagement pics.

Jose Villa

Elizabeth Messina

Wedding Photography Ideas

As a photographer I get asked a lot about what the “must have” shots are for weddings. They’re the obvious ones. The kiss, the first look, the family, the cake, etc… What separates great photographers from the good ones are when they leave the script of traditional wedding photography and get shots that define the feel of the day or the chemistry of the couple. Most of these are directed, but some aren’t. Some are details, or broader aspects of the day. These are some of my favorites.

Always make sure to get a shot of your full invitation suite.

Always get a shot of each course.

A shot of the party in progress.

Courtesy Olive Juice Studios

You can get these signs or Mr. and Mrs. on Etsy

Always get the shoes.

Always get the ring.

I actually copied this idea at my own wedding

A shot of just the bridesmaids.

Get outdoors.

I love this favor gift.

I apologize for not properly attributing them but Pinterest has ruined things in that department. I know quite a few are from Jasmine Star, Tec Petaja, and Elizabeth Messina. If you know any of the photographers, please let me know and I will add them.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with Engagement photo ideas!

Equestrian Style

I have loved all things Equestrian since my first lesson in Kindergarten. If you don’t have access to horses or they scare the beejeezus out of you, bringing equestrian elements into your home or fashion is a great way to incorporate the style. I get so annoyed when I see it featured as a “new trend”. Umm..not really since classical horseback riding has been around since the Renaissance.

This book is a great overview of the lifestyle.


I love jewelry that features bridles or bits. This bracelet comes in a few different colors, but as we all know I’m a sucker for white.


These necklaces are from Etsy seller, Natasha Grasso. So beautiful and reasonably priced.

I’m so glad the brand Sporto has had a relaunch. They were so big in the early 90’s and then they just kind of disappeared. A couple winters ago I bought these in the short version with orange rubber and they were a hit in the frozen tundra!

Rebecca Cray features almost solely Equestrian design. Her website is treasure trove. Here a few of my favorites

This Barbour Paddock jacket is darling.Would look great on seriously any body type.

Pair it with these Etienne Aigner boots and some jeans for a well put together look while running around town doing errands.

No Equestrian post would be complete without a little Ralph. This tray is part of his home collection.

I’m not sure about these bookends though.. A little to literal maybe?

Who has fun plans for the weekend? It’s Spring Release weekend in our little wine country, so I’ll be at my husband’s winery manning the gate! I’m so happy it’s May, Spring is FINALLY here:)








Organize with Martha and a giveaway!

In February I picked up this monster at the local grocery store. It’s a special addition magazine/book hybrid put out by MSLO in the winter…I’m sure to capture all of the people with organizing resolutions in the new year. I like to keep an organized home. It makes it easier to keep clean if everything has a designated spot, and it makes you reduce clutter if you’re constantly evaluating the systems you have in place. That’s why I was so excited to see Martha’s new line at Staples designed specifically for home organizing.

Admittedly, the line has many more items then just for the home office. It features ingenious options for the kitchen, pantry, and anywhere else you need a little organization. The line features furniture as well. This chair, desk, file cabinet combo are for sale on

What caught my attention first though, was the line of shagreen leather organizing boxes. They come in three colors: white, Tifffany blue, and brown.

I immediately grabbed 6 of these in the white. While I adore Tiffany Blue, it’s not really the look I’m going for in my office, and white is truly my favorite color.

These are great for desk supplies or jewelery. I’d like to put some on my husbands dresser for him to organize his ever growing mountain of receipts, coins, golf tees, etc…

A cute little box for pencils or makeup brushes. Or maybe some brightly colored sharpies, depending on your business?

All the pieces in the line are stack-able so you can configure them to fit your needs.

She also has great filing pieces that you can cut down on paper clutter with. Remember, experts say you only need to save 7 years worth of bank statements, tax receipts and returns. Not 20 years in an overflowing Sephora shopping bag like my mother does. Hi mom!

I thought these were just incredibly smart. What a great way to corral take-out menus, recipes, coupons etc…

To manage day-to-day tasks the line has a variety of options for calendars, planners and agendas.

Dry-erase calendars and lists.

The turquoise notepad made it’s way on to my fridge.

These journals and notepads come in a variety of different sizes and for various functions. They have everything from diet journals and day planners to diary’s and address books.

Some of them feature the shagreen leather to coordinate with the desk accessories.

The most fun part of the line are the labels. They seriously have a sticker for every situation you could encounter.

Gift giving

Files, pantry, or stationary.

Wedding favors

Kids rooms

I totally bought these. I’m sick of looking at my detergent containers and want to decant the powders into glass jars. These will look perfect on them.

They have a ton of gift tags in the line. I think they’re not only going after gifting customers, but also people with home-based retail businesses.

Because, how cute would these be for a farmer’s market vendor?

These are for the address books to call out important items.

Lots of labels for the kitchen and pantry.

I need to go back and get some of these for the freezer.

Lastly, labels for the home. I’m not sure I like these stickers on the boxes. The boxes are pretty substantial looking and I think the stickers cheapen them.

I bought these in brass for them instead. I also bought a dozen for my recipe binders.

I’m so glad Staples partnered with Martha on this line. I hope they continue adding items because the possibilities are endless and with Martha leaving Macy’s and her future at JCP uncertain I think there is a huge market for this line to expand into. What’s your favorite item in the line? Leave it in the comments and I’ll randomly pick a winner for the planner in the color of their choice!

Good luck!

*Martha nor Staples have any idea who I am…I just like to give gifts and it’s a way for all you lurkers to finally comment! 🙂

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am here with fabulous gift ideas that aren’t of the candle, slipper, or robe variety. Come on people, your mom deserves something tailored to her interests, not something you grabbed at Target before brunch.

For the mom that bakes...

Is this not the coolest thing ever??? Give this and then guilt trip her to make you delicious treats. 8 layer cake slicer . $59

Throw this in with it and you’re going to Hawaii next year for Christmas, Mom’s treat. $10

For the mom that loves to beautify…

I was actually told about this blush from my own mother. She’s cool like that. It’s Nars Orgasm. Stop giggling like a school girl and buy it. It’s the best shade on the market and looks great on any skintone. $28

For the new mom….

I don’t even have children yet, and I’m already having nightmares about changing time. How are you supposed to snap all those tiny buttons while you’re busy trying not get kicked in the chest or peed in the face? (True story, that happens, and not just with boys…)

These ingenious pants replace traditional snaps with a fast acting zipper making changing time less a war zone and more a drooling, smiling zone. Until you encounter a blowout. These pants can’t help you there. $30

For the mom that entertains

These modern simplicity champagne flutes from CB2 look great with any table setting and the price is ridic. $2.95 each

Matches are smelly. Let mom light candles in style. Versailles Silver Lighter $63

For the mom that is green and also a little tech savvy.

A solar charger for her cell phone or anything with a USB port. Prepare to have to explain how to use it to her every time she calls. $50

For the mom that is stylish, a little tech savvy, and likes attention in airport security…

I’m obsessed with this Ipad case. If your mom has taste, she will be too. $120

For the mom that thinks she’s French…

Tres delightful! £10

For the mid-century mom…

A Charley Harper Iphone case. Pop in a Stan Getz CD and the first season of Mad Men and she’ll be sashaying around like Joanie in no time. $14.95

For the mom that loves a good monogram…

This cute tray can be personalized with a variety of designs and colors. Wrap it up with some Tervis tumblers and a bottle of Margarita mix and she’s set for summer. $49

These can also be personalized in a multitude of ways. Just think how impressed Muffie and Buffy will be when she sets these on the table during the monthly bridge game. $40

Speaking of Muffie, I guess she has personalized stationary. Your mom can have it too. $78

For the mom that is organized…

I love a good storage box and these are so chic. Organize her closet together as a special add-on.  No, you can’t have her scrunchies, they’re coming back in style. $65

Does your mom recycle with a paper bag shoved under the sink? Give her something sleek and compartmentalized with this trash/recycle duo from the Container Store. Then tell her to bust out the recyclable shopping bags and stop killing the planet. $129

For the mom that has everything…

Have a personalized piece of art work made featuring her home, cabin, chateau, or ski chalet. Price upon request, which means you probably can’t afford it, unless your mom really does own a chateau. In that case, I’m a wonderful travel companion.