The lifecycle of a photographer.

Is there a photographer out there that ISN’T offering a workshop to other photographers?

Good God.

Here’s the life cycle of a photographer:

Starts out fairly cheap but not so great.
Gets better. Keeps their prices lower. Books a ton. Gets burned out.
Raises their prices. Still books clients but maybe not as many as before. That’s ok because the clients are better. Gets to travel a bit. (Me right now and holding)
Gets some higher end clients, reads too many blogs about “valuing their worth” and jacks up their prices even more.
Prices themselves out of their market. (if you or your friends couldn’t afford you, you’re charging too much.)
Brands themselves as worldwide to find more clients.
Shocked clients don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for them to travel (first class natch) to cities with already great photographers.
Clients diminish.
Starts marketing to photographers about Branding! Social Media!
Starts offering workshops! (only 3k for the weekend! You get to take home a branded pen! You have a name card at your seat. It’s in gold calligraphy!)
Becomes just like the other 100,000 other photogs offering the exact same thing and completely stops creating the art that made them unique in the first place.