My love of “The Amandas”

Are any of you watching the show The Amandas on the Style network? I am OBSESSED. What could ever get me to turn the channel from my beloved Bravo?

This nutcase:

I use that term in the most lovingly way possibly. I think I found my long lost twin sister and no not because we look eerily related. She’s Amanda Leblanc owner of Closet Prescription, an organizing firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her show, The Amandas is a reality show about her business, her employees, and the homes and lives they transform through organization.

As you can see from that photo, they are basically Charlie’s Angels in stilettos and wielding power tools. I love this show for a myriad of reasons but the biggest one is that they show how Amanda runs her actual business. Yes there are magical before and afters (and we’ll get to those) but what puts the “reality” into the show is how Amanda balances her work/life/kids/husband, how she deals with problem employees, and how she grapples with her own personal demons of insecurity, anxiety and ADD.  In one of the early episodes they film her trying to relate to the other moms at school and her fear of introducing herself to them. Issues you definitely wouldn’t think a strong-minded entrepreneur would have to deal with but she does and it shows that you can be highly successful and functional in many aspects of your life, but simple things like meeting new people, or trying new things can be total roadblocks for anyone regardless of success or personality. Amanda also demands perfection from her employees and their projects which can make her come across a little unlikeable but I think most of it comes from editing and her young employees inexperience with having a boss that won’t accept laziness or talking back. Ok, on to the porn…

(All images from

This is the office of a cupcake store. I am a believer in white when organizing but that’s just my personal preference. It’s just important to keep the color the same so your eye isn’t competing all over the room.

This is a closet for triplets. It’s truly amazing what you can do with just a standard closet. You don’t have to have a walk-in to be organized!

This is the inside f the cupcake store’s foodtruck. My only concern is the white and pink boxes on the left. Are they nailed down or will they scatter all over once the truck gets going?

What’s interesting about this closet is that it already had an organizing system in place but it just wasn’t being used effectively. Wood hangers, though? I’m a strictly Huggable Hangers gal.

This is my favorite of all her projects I’ve seen. Such a beautiful nursery transformed from basically a household dumping ground.

Are any of you watching the show? This week she’s tearing up NeNe’s ( from RHOA) closet…OMG. What projects in your life do you need help organizing with? I actually just got my first client in Walla Walla for organizing rather than designing and I can’t wait to get started! The before/after pics are going to be amazing:)