Unsolicited baby advice

Just wrote an email to a friend expecting and figured I’d post it here too. Take it for what its worth, but these were the items that got us through the last 14 months.

Hi! I hope you are feeling well, you are entering the home stretch, how exciting! I was looking around my nursery and thought of you. I’m not sure if you are doing a registry but I just wanted to give you my 2 cents on a few items. Take it for what’s it worth:)

I found that Nordstrom online has really curated a baby page that is the best of the best for baby gear. You really can’t go wrong with any of the brands they carry.

A few items we love, that you might want to look into:

Uppa Baby Vista is the stroller we have. It is expensive but worth every damn dollar. That is what I have learned about baby stuff. The expensive stuff is worth the price. It doesn’t break and it has really good functionality. It’s being discontinued because they are now making you buy the bassinet separately. Sloane slept in it every night for the first two months right next to the bed.


Peg Perego carseat (Heavy, but made in Italy and exceeds American safety standards.) Goes until 30 pounds. Sloane is still in hers at 14 months. That’s another thing about the cheaper baby items. They say they are rated to a certain size but they aren’t. My friend just had to move her daughter out of a cheaper brand at 6 months and she is not a big baby.


4 Moms Bouncer Seat/Swing (AMAZING. 5 different types of swinging and sounds. You can also plug your iPhone into it to play music as well! Make sure to get newborn insert.


4 Moms Pack and Play. It literally opens with one button. Amazing. Now used as a toy coral and a place to watch Peg + Cat while mommy showers.


Prince Lionheart Wipe warmer (a weird thing I didn’t even know about until my shower, but incredible. She hated getting her diapers changed in the hospital but as soon as we got home and had warm wipes she hasn’t made a peep since.) Make sure to buy ever fresh pillow inserts for it. They keep the wipes from not drying out.


Cannot say enough about their diapers and wipes. The wipes leave no soapy residue like all the others we tried. Plus really cute patterns. Ships monthly, so no late right runs to the grocery store.


Boppy newborn lounger ( a boppy with a center to it. Great for when they just want to chill and your arms are tired:)


Mittens ( they scratch the sh*t out of their faces. Their nails are short but sharp!)


I only did pacifiers until 3 months, so I’m no expert but these seemed to do the trick for the short time we used them



These blue pads (I know weird and OCD, but you don’t want to have wash the changing pad cover every time. And they will pee on you. A lot.)


This mirror (something you don’t realize you need until the first time they are in the carseat and you have no idea what they are doing.)


Swaddles. Blankets don’t work. The only thing that does is velcro. Swaddle every night. EVERY NIGHT.


Aden and Anais Bamboo Blankets. Great for nursing covers, cleaning up breast milk, and for using in strollers. We have 9 and used them every day for a year.


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